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Multichannel UK commissions up 23%

Multichannel investment in independent UK television programming shows strong growth – up 23% year on year, according to producers body PACT. The Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA) has welcomed PACT’s annual census of commissioning from independent UK... read more

Broadcasters warn of AVMS impact

STATEMENT BY THE ACT, COBA, CRTV, EGTA AND VPRT ON THE REVIEW OF THE AVMS DIRECTIVE: Europe’s commercial broadcasters have warned that proposed changes to the AVMS Directive are a backwards step that risks damaging growth, audience choice and investment in... read more

Multichannel sector renews commitment to UK TV content

British children’s shows head latest wave of UK television commissions from multichannel broadcasters Children’s live action programming, drama and factual shows headline a new wave of investment in UK programming from commercial broadcasters in the digital, cable and... read more

COBA launches Country of Origin report

COBA has launched a new independent report on the value of the Country of Origin principle in supporting audience choice, media pluralism and freedom of expression, epsecially in smaller EU Member States. A copy of the report and a summary can be found below. The... read more

Content providers commit to protect on-demand viewers

Content providers commit to Statement of Practice to protect on-demand viewers Members of the Commercial Broadcasters Association have signed up to a Statement of Practice for Video-on-Demand (VoD) services, committing to make child protection a priority. The... read more

COBA calls for BBC governance reform

COBA has called for the BBC’s governance system to be rebalanced, so that Management must prove the value of proposals to expand BBC services. Decision to extend CBBC hours highlights need for BBC reform The Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA) today... read more

COBA responds to final PSB review statement

COBA’s response to Ofcom’s final statement for its review of Public Service Broadcasting. Responding to Ofcom’s final statement for its review of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB), COBA calls on policymakers to realise the full value of the PSB licence as... read more