COBA is the leading UK industry body for commercial broadcasters. It is entirely funded through membership fees. Members join either as full members or as affiliates, such as where a broadcaster is related to a public service broadcaster.

Who can join COBA?

COBA membership is open to companies who:


  • are regulated in the UK through either an Ofcom broadcasting licence or VoD notification.
  • do not hold a public service broadcasting licence (although affiliate status may be appropriate for channels related to such a service).

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Why join COBA?

Some of the benefits of being a member include:


  • Effective representation on UK and key EU policy issues.
  • Regular, reliable information tailored to your sector.
  • Build your company profile through COBA’s work highlighting the sector’s value.

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How to join COBA?

COBA members play a flat fee subscription per annum to support the work of the association.


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