COBA represents multichannel broadcasters in the digital, cable and satellite TV sector.

COBA members are worth £4 billion a year to the UK economy.

COBA members invest more than £700m a year in UK television production.

Commercial broadcasters provide UK audiences with hundreds of channels across all major free-to-air and pay platforms.

COBA supports regulation which encourages growth and competition.

COBA members employ 12,000 people in the UK, and have doubled direct employment over the last decade.

COBA supports an IP regime that enables its members to invest in content and jobs.

The multichannel sector has increased commissions from UK independent producers by 10% a year over the last decade.

COBA believes that the UK audiovisual sector benefits from a mixed ecology of public and private broadcasters.

COBA (the Commercial Broadcasters Association) is the industry body for commercial broadcasters and on-demand services.

COBA exists to promote the interests of its members and the value they bring both economically and culturally to the UK.

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June 11 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Changing “linear” TV prominence risks harming investment in UK children’s programmes In response to calls today by the BBC and Channel 4 for greater prominence for their digital services, the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA) has warned that any future intervention should not include changes to traditional “linear” TV as doing so could damage much-needed […]

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Watch our new film to see award-winning independent producers explain how multichannel broadcasters are changing TV production.  

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Imposing further financial obligations on cross-border linear broadcasters under Article 13.2: A statement from the Commercial Broadcasters Association on the negative impact of further obligations under 13.2 on cross-border broadcasters on the following areas: the cross-border circulation of European works; localization; investment in European works; and competition with non-linear players.     Introducing further statutory […]

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Multichannel broadcasters invest more than £15m a year in new UK children’s programming – but proposals to change “prominence” regulation risk damaging this investment. Multichannel broadcasters invested an average of £15.6m per year over the last three years in new UK children’s programming, representing one of the biggest sources of investment in homegrown kids content […]

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