About COBA

COBA is the UK industry body for digital, cable and satellite broadcasters and on-demand services. Its members include major non-public service broadcasters, as well as niche services and on-demand services.

COBA works with regulators, policy makers and other stakeholders in the UK to champion the interests of its members and to promote the value they bring both creatively and economically to the UK.


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Board member
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COBA is governed by a board of executives from member companies, who have been elected by the wider membership. The board has overall responsibility for COBA’s policy, strategy and operations. COBA’s day-to-day work is carried out through a series of committees, most notably the Policy Committee, which are open to all members.

COBA Latest

COBA, the industry body for commercial broadcasters and on-demand services, has strongly welcomed Ofcom’s decision not to change rules governing the amount of advertising public service channels can show. COBA and others raised concerned that the proposed changes to allow more advertising on ITV and Channel 4 would result in 27.5 minutes of public service […]

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Broadcasters have slammed Ofcom’s proposed changes to advertising rules which they say will result in the loss of nearly half an hour of news coverage a day. A new report published today from leading broadcasting association COBA suggests that  plans to allow more advertising on ITV and Channel 4 would result in 27.5 minutes of […]

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