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COBA represents affiliate members on a wide range of matters, although affiliates may not be signatories to all COBA positions and cannot stand for election to COBA’s board.

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Imposing further financial obligations on cross-border linear broadcasters under Article 13.2: A statement from the Commercial Broadcasters Association on the negative impact of further obligations under 13.2 on cross-border broadcasters on the following areas: the cross-border circulation of European works; localization; investment in European works; and competition with non-linear players.     Introducing further statutory […]

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Multichannel broadcasters invest more than £15m a year in new UK children’s programming – but proposals to change “prominence” regulation risk damaging this investment. Multichannel broadcasters invested an average of £15.6m per year over the last three years in new UK children’s programming, representing one of the biggest sources of investment in homegrown kids content […]

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